March 23, 2020
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We will all survive. Unless we push our luck.

William Paley’s Divine Watchmaker is clear on the subject: God may not exist, but something up there does, that cannot be controlled by mere humans.

It does not matter that each and everyone of us think we have an immense IQ and are better than the rest of mankind: We may be smarter than others, yet, in front of a PANDEMIC we are all equal and highly vulnerable.

If greed is still motivating some in these pre-plague days, it is but a matter of days or weeks before reason rules again: once gasoline runs out and our trucks can no longer bring vital provisions to market, once every single gun has been sold (to the wrong people, as usual) once medication has been stockpiled to the rafters by those who do not need it, then what?

Unless our government does the right thing, social upheaval will turn our country into a bad Mel Gibson movie. Send our army, army reserves, national guard, fire fighters and medical corps where they are the most needed.

The rest of us? We can volunteer or stay home. Would you trade you life and that of your family to keep your hotel open one more week?



  1. Dee Rotund April 22, 2020 5:07 pm

    Any extreme is bad. There are those who want shut down for political reasons and those who want to open up everything now. But for those who want complete shut down, how about we also shut down truck drivers who deliver food to the stores and all food store employees, etc. Why should they risk their lives so Mrs. Johnson can have her favourite pasta sauce.
    The total lock down until vaccine is discovered is simply foolish. Open up the economy with precautions or they’ll be mass economic chaos and financial meltdown which far worse than any harm virus could do.

  2. DIEGO URIBE RUGELES May 15, 2020 9:07 am

    This Pandemic is the key point for Days to come with a new landscape in our minds. Social distancing is a priority and will be for months and maybe years, Until most of us be vaccinated or contaminated ( developing in our bodies the anti-corps). Changing Times and Creativity and Innovation are the main tools in open minds .
    New challenges for everyone in order to preserve and to enhance our environment.
    True leadership coming aboard with human relations on first line. After crisis is time for opportunities for improvement and for a better Humanity.


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