July 21, 2020
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Welcome back: we finally did it. The rest of the world (or, at least, the part worth visiting and conducting business with) is closing its borders to anyone proudly carrying a US Passport. What used to be a door opener and a cause for respect worldwide has become a scarlet letter.

How we got from there to here is irrelevant. What is relevant is how we will be coping with it.

COVID-19 is huge and spreading faster every day. There are no consistent directives coming from the White House, and therefore every state and in some cases every city do as they please.

The map of the United States is made of 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii. Only Hawaii and Alaska are in a position to check every incoming visitor. Be realistic: we very well may have to establish artificial borders between states, and have them manned by our National Guard, thermometer in hand along with a pile of free masks. It will not work 100%, but it should keep COVID-19 away from many of our citizens. How about logistics: you need produce in a state that does not grow it? COVID-19 is airborne. Hopefully the train or truck delivering produce from Michigan to Atlanta has given the bug plenty of time to die. And the National Guard (or paid volunteers) will still be testing the train or truck drivers upon arrival.

Domestic consumption will come pretty close to a halt. It is a war we are in, but one we are very well equipped to pay for: the trillions that have been going to armed conflicts for so many years, can be recycled for the benefits of taxpayers. Our country owes it to its citizens. Do you want to take a vote?

In the province of Wuhan, during the-stay-at-home period, citizens were confined to their (often not so comfy) apartments and completely forbidden to step out: a government employee would make the rounds daily and drop a bag of rice outside each door. That is how they killed the bug in a few weeks. Are we too pampered to consider a milder version of this treatment? (Foie Gras, anyone?)

Pandemics die in two ways only: either everyone gets sick, with a number of survivors (usually a minority) or a vaccine is found. We have NO vaccine.

Let’s not “help” any industry in particular: special interests do not work and never did. We saw the shocking behind-the-scenes impact of the PPP going to the wrong people. With probably more on the way. We have elections coming soon, don’t we?

The United States of America must swallow its pride and protect its citizens. It would not kill us to wake up one day and no longer be the Policeman of the World. We will just be the Happiest Country in the World.


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