November 20, 2017
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I am as energy conscious as the next guy. However I never fail to get irritated when I check into a respectable hotel and find a tacky note on the bed or in the bathroom strongly recommending I jump through hoops to keep a couple of towels or washcloths from being laundered.

Would you not think that, when I pay $900 a night for my room (or even $400 or $200) I can use all the linen made available to me? It is paid for, has been budgeted for and is part of the hotel’s cost-per-occupied-room.

If you want to conserve energy on laundry,  fine tune your equipment, fill it up efficiently and minimize the use of detergent without compromising on cleanliness. Your problem, not mine.

What do you think happens to those towels you did not use to comply with the hotel’s recommendation? At the very best they get improperly handled and covered with bacteria from the room attendant who just handled the REALLY dirty towels and just scrubbed the toilet bowl. And how does the attendant know that that towel left nicely folded on the rack is actually clean? Some joker may just have just used for unsanitary purposes and returned it to the rack to surprise the next guest: it is your hotel’s reputation on the line.

Believe me, do away with the tacky tent card asking you to take it easy on the towels.

Wanna conserve? Save a tree, will ya?


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